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Rosana Svetić Čišić, CEO

I am Rosana Svetic Cisic, my background is nursing. I have master of sience in nursing management, postgradualte diploma at King´s college in London in research in nursing, and specialisation in nursing managenet in Dartmouth–Hitchcock Medical Center, NH, USA

I have a lot of experience in nursing management and nursing organization.

My special area of interest where I have huge knowledge is establishing and developing nursing service in the new hospital. At present I am a consultant for developing nursing in a new private hospital.

I worked as a head nurse and a director of nursing in a few medical organizations University hospital for diabetes, St. Catherine, Alvimedica, consultatnt for new organisation daily hospitals and outpatient departmant in bigest Croatian hospital - University hospital Zagreb.

Regarding medicine fields I worked in diabetes, asthma and tuberculosis, surgery, etc. I have been very active in nursing professional organization and also in nursing publishing. I wrote more than 7 books for nurses and many articles. My special interest is informatics and its practical application in daily nursing practice.

So to conclude i think I am very dynamic, ambitions person, I love challenges, also I am optimistic and positive.

And in my private life, I am married, we have daughter Larisa. Larisa is architect; she is a very ambitious, very creative and has a high criterion for architectural art.

We are a family which loves travelling and prefers new adventures and dynamic life.


Helping in establishing new value in health care organisation, based on the individual approach, increasing finance, assure quality and safety, finding new organization models and increasing satisfaction of the employees.


To give support on creating and achieving prosperity items.


  • • Responsibility, ethics and effectiveness
  • • Promotion of the moral and integrity
  • • Encourage and help in finding new professional way
  • • Innovative way to win challenge
  • • Coaching and support, collaboration and respecting into team work

Statement of purpose

  • • Ethics and moral approach towards to work
  • • Achieve agreed plan
  • • Perform professional and partner collaboration


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