Healthcare consulting services for hospitals and medical institutions

Consulting services help medical institutions and hospitals to:

 Cut costs and increase revenue
 Better organise the workflow processes while assuring quality control
 Increase employee satisfaction

This kind of approach leads towards providing high quality services to end users – a holistic approach towards patients.

The services and support are provided through consultation, education and team work.

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Strategic management for medical institutions

Effective and purposeful leading of institutions includes the principles of strategic management with planning, action, activity tracking and realising of planned goals.

• Do you need help with implementing strategic management in your institution?

• Do you have too many obligations, not enough time to do everything by yourself, but you are looking for an expert with the right knowledge, experience, excellent results and recommendations ?

The consulting services offered are helping and giving support in strategic management in healthcare institutions.

Please do have a look at the strategic management processes and services offered:

By using the strategic approach, through resource rationalization, the costs can be reduced between 15% and 25%!


• Do you wish to know the effective use of your institutions' resources: space, equipment and personnel?

An independent audit with the goal of giving answers and best practices for providing support.

Checking and analysing the received information, with visualisation of statistic results, financial parameters and other relevant data.

Employees' and customers' satisfaction analysis.

Clear definition of problems.

Analysis of data and processes, written expertise with conclusions, recommended goals to be met – based on arguments received from collected data.

If you are not aware of all the resources at your disposal and how they are being used, you cannot plan for change and improvement.


• How to use the existing resources
• How to effectively plan development
• How to optimise resources to be able to offer quality services while having satisfied employees

Organisation and support for organising and setting up workshops for teams. Current organisational problems are diagnosed through brainstorming. Directions are given to arrive at conclusions and present propositions and solutions. The results can be used as possibilities for solving business dilemmas tied to business processes.

Developing a strategic programme, consulting plans and activities to effectively reach business goals.

Support in defining organisational problems.

More than 90% of organisations do not succeed in implementing their strategy. The reason? Bad communication, resistance toward change, lack of external audits and metrics.


• Do you want to plan measurable goals which will be achieved within the specified time frame?

Support and participation in management's work, proposing and planning the processes which will help realise the planned goals.

Building the project plan with clearly defined time segments for goal realisation.

Identifying the factors that bring about diminished effectiveness, increased costs and non-efficient use of resources.

Creation of workflow process for finding solutions and effective planning of new ones.

Achieving planned goals

• Do you need assistance in achieving planned goals?

Supervision of implementing the planned is made easier by:

– Continuous motivation of employees
– Independent, third-party tracking the individual project phases
– Independent, third-party tracking the timeframes and deadlines

This process helps to make everyone feel more comfortable and leads to success.

There is a continuous audit and reporting regarding the flow of strategic business process.


• Do you want to be sure that everything is going according to plan during the whole change process ?

Regular participation in meetings and reporting on planned process flow and its execution.

Service users' and employees satisfaction analysis.

Written report including the analysis of obtained results and comparison with previous expertise.

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